detail of cloudscape painting. watercolor on fabriano hot press

My instructor praised my “use of symbolism in the cloud shapes” for this painting, but really I was just going by one of the many photographs I took of a gorgeous Humboldt County sunset. Sometimes a cloud is just a cloud.

cloudscape. watercolor on fabriano hot press, 6x4 inches
cloudscape. watercolor on fabriano hot press, 6×4 inches

Of course now that she’s said that, I find myself moved by the poignant struggle illustrated by the tank-shaped cloud on the right mercilessly pursuing the poor turtle carrying a pastry in his mouth, as he tries to feed the ravenous bunny with the detachable jaw on the right.

…nope, still just a bunch of pretty clouds.

Speed metal

Whee, metal! More watercolor class assignments. I ended up having to paint all three of these in one day, back-to-back and super fast. Well, fast for me anyway. Thankfully I’d done all the preliminary drawing the night before or I wouldn’t have made the deadline.


Copper pot the first:


And now I indulge my newfound love of detail shots. Can you tell this painting is my favorite of the three? I had fun with the various spattering and salt techniques I used on this one.





Watercolor on fabriano paper, 8×10 inches.


Copper pot, the second:



Watercolor on fabriano paper, 8×10 inches.


And a dull silver metal.

This one was definitely the most rushed of the three, I even tore the paper in my hurry to remove the masking tape.




watercolor on Fabriano paper, 3×6 inches.


Other metal paintings, in acrylics. Hey look, it’s the same copper pot! Was interesting to do the same subject in a different medium – much more planning ahead required with watercolors.