Breakfast on Alberta Street

Alberta Street bread man! Watercolor & cheapass ballpoint pen, plus a little marker.

I was in Portland again! And now I’m not. Except I’m going back soon, so yes. Anyway. I was eating breakfast at Random Order Bakery and this dude walked by, knit cap complete with yarn mohawk and hot pink skulls on either side, selling pastries from his basket.* I giggled and texted my amusement to a friend and thought dear god I love this town. The delightful Andrea said it best: “walking around in Portland is kind of like walking around in an adorable dream”.

* One assumes. Perhaps he was bringing them to friends? I dunno, I like the itinerant pâtissier idea better.

Post-Portland post

I went to visit Havi‘s Playground in Portland last week and it was awesome.  So many great things buzzing through my head during and since!  And so many previously neglected projects getting love and attention now. Some of them unexpected – like unpacking the box of mugs that’s been taking up valuable kitchen cabinet space since I moved in last year, and fixing the stuck helmet case on my scooter. And then there’s all the  ridiculously helpful things I’ve realized about my business, and my life, which… wow. Yeah.

Anyway! More arts coming soon. 🙂