taking notes

Fall classes have begun! I’m taking Still Life Painting and Figure Drawing. To help cement this stuff in my brain, I started a notebook for copying down key concepts. Also, I just really like illustrated notebooks.

I like the Moleskine cahiers, they’re not as precious as the leather-bound ones. And you can decorate the covers! Haven’t gotten to the figure drawing side’s cover yet, still waiting for inspiration. These notes start from either side of the book and will meet somewhere in the middle as I fill up the pages.

still life painting notes - the cover!
still life notes
figure drawing notes 1
figure drawing notes 2
figure drawing notes 3

orange things

Assorted orange things from my desk drawer at work. I’ve been trying to draw with ink more – by which I mean drawing with ink from the start, no pencil workthroughs that I later trace and erase. Nope, starting with ink and just redrawing any lines that are off.

I used to draw like this a lot, drawing and redrawing and not getting caught up in making things perfect from the beginning. Sometimes I’d scribble stuff out, but not all that often. I was less skilled back then but also less afraid to do things wrong. I still got annoyed when drawings didn’t turn out how I wanted, but I just shrugged it off and kept going.

I think that’s because, back then, I thought of myself as a writer instead of an artist – drawing was a way of procrastinating, a form of entertainment. Now that I think of myself as an artist, the inner critic that used to trash my writing has switched over to saying things like, “Don’t fuck up this line, if you do you’ll be a total failure forever and you’ll die alone.” With pencil, that often leads to lots of erasing, even if that first line was pretty decent. With ink, you just have to accept it and move on.

Two other color versions here, couldn’t decide which was my favorite. What do you think?