Kirikou and the Sorceress

One from my digital illustration class:

Karaba the Sorceress

We were given the black & white linework and then asked to paint the image and apply textures to make it look less flat and smooth. I had no idea what this was from until I looked up the filename afterwards, then had fun tracking it down on Youtube. (Think this is my favorite part.)


Also, uploaded a color version of the Starbuck collage from the same class:

Starbuck in color! click for big version
Starbuck in color! click for big version

collage of dooooom

Pilots call me Starbuck. You may refer to me as God.
“Pilots call me Starbuck. You may refer to me as God.”

oh my god so many layers D:

This was an assignment for a digital illustration class – create a portrait out of provided illustrations of food and objects. Her wings are made of corn, her hair is leaves and shaving brushes, her face is mostly turnips.

I am actually not a big fan of collage, so this was an interesting challenge. Definitely not something I would have attempted on my own, and probably wouldn’t have gotten through if I hadn’t bribed myself with a BSG rewatch while I worked. 🙂  I ended up having to rush on the face and the hair a bit due to deadlines, may go back and tweak those in the future. Then again, just this much took me 10+ hours, so maybe not. XD

edit: And now with color!

Angel Starbuck in color! (spoilery caption is slightly spoilery)

Not entirely happy with this. The assignment called for us to emphasize the individual pieces of the collage, but I kinda bent the rules in my original creation so this didn’t translate too well in the color phase. The result is sort of an awkward halfway point between that approach and a more realistic one. Necessary for the grade, but not how I would have handled it otherwise. It was fun to paint, though!

digital painting links

My friend Chad just got his first graphics tablet, so I am posting him some links! And you can read them too. Very small sample of what’s out there of course, from a quick run through from my delicious account:


Free videos

Daarken’s Youtube –  concept artist for Mythic Entertainment, just discovered his stuff last night. Some great multi-part videos here.

Bobby Chiu : watch him paint and listen to him talk about art. Inspiring!

Bugmeyer’s YouTube vid – How to remove the white from a scanned drawing. (Useful in perspective class.) Handy list of keyboard shortcuts too.

YouTube – Adjustment Layer Tutorial - adjustment layers are handy for tweaking stuff quickly.

YouTube – Applying Texture Without Looking Like a Douche – tricks for adding textures in Photoshop

Tutorial-MentoringExercises 1-2 by jermilex on deviantART - Video tutorial with sound, quickly replicating a couple of still life photographs and showing his process. He talks about color & light, observation, etc.

YouTube – Lich King – Speed paint - not a tutorial, but watching the process is instructive


Written tutorials with images – Another one on removing the white from a drawing. This one comes with a prerecorded Action (for photoshop cs4) Forums – full blown tutorial of recent painting (big download) – painting of a building, starting from big blocks of color.

David Revoy - Speedpaints and tutorials in many different programs. Some videos here too.

Color Theory + App. Tutorial by gorachi on deviantART - talks about color, light, brush techniques, etc. Very detailed.

How To Make A Digital Painting by Norke on deviantART - very detailed, goes from rough sketch to completed image. Includes some shortcuts and tips for fixing mistakes along the way.


Other stuff

Parkablog Book Review: Fantasy Workshop: Mastering Digital Painting Techniques – Digital painting book review complete with video flip-through. Warning:  Parka’s art book reviews are awesome and your wallet will be in serious danger once you start reading his site. But your eyes will thank you.

The Art Department store – formerly the Massive Black tutorial section. You have to buy em, but they’re pretty cheap. I have the Jason Chan “quick sketch” one – high quality, definitely worth the price. Reminds me I meant to get more of these!

CGTalk – Digital Painting: Tips and Techniques for Beginners With David René, Matellis, LotekK  - couple of exercises to get you used to tablet drawing




Feel free to add more in the comments, I’m sure there’s tons more great stuff out there I’m missing!