taking notes

Fall classes have begun! I’m taking Still Life Painting and Figure Drawing. To help cement this stuff in my brain, I started a notebook for copying down key concepts. Also, I just really like illustrated notebooks.

I like the Moleskine cahiers, they’re not as precious as the leather-bound ones. And you can decorate the covers! Haven’t gotten to the figure drawing side’s cover yet, still waiting for inspiration. These notes start from either side of the book and will meet somewhere in the middle as I fill up the pages.

still life painting notes - the cover!
still life notes
figure drawing notes 1
figure drawing notes 2
figure drawing notes 3

One down, 22 to go

Yul Brynner portrait

I forgot to post this back in the day. This was my final project for my Analysis of Form class – we had to reproduce an 8.5×11 photo at 18×24 inch size. It took me a while to decide on the image. I dithered between this one of Yul Brynner and one of Sendhil Ramamurthy for a while, before deciding I’d be too distracted by Sendhil’s prettiness to focus properly on the assignment. 🙂

I took frequent photos during the process while checking for accuracy, and made an animation out of them:

Art supply still life

18″x24″. Charcoal. 50+ hours.

Forgot to post this one before. In the progression of Analysis of Form class assignments, it comes after the torso and before the perspective work. We were responsible for selection and composition of the objects this time, it took lots of combing through my stuff to find the right collection of interesting but not too complex things to draw. I changed the lighting halfway through the drawing on my instructor’s direction. It gave me much better form shadows to work with, but eliminated one of my favorite details: in the earlier version the shadow of the little wooden guy holding the silhouetted paintbrush was cast directly behind him,  looking somehow like the Steadfast Tin Soldier.