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My friend Chad just got his first graphics tablet, so I am posting him some links! And you can read them too. Very small sample of what’s out there of course, from a quick run through from my delicious account:


Free videos

Daarken’s Youtube –  concept artist for Mythic Entertainment, just discovered his stuff last night. Some great multi-part videos here.

Bobby Chiu : watch him paint and listen to him talk about art. Inspiring!

Bugmeyer’s YouTube vid – How to remove the white from a scanned drawing. (Useful in perspective class.) Handy list of keyboard shortcuts too.

YouTube – Adjustment Layer Tutorial - adjustment layers are handy for tweaking stuff quickly.

YouTube – Applying Texture Without Looking Like a Douche – tricks for adding textures in Photoshop

Tutorial-MentoringExercises 1-2 by jermilex on deviantART - Video tutorial with sound, quickly replicating a couple of still life photographs and showing his process. He talks about color & light, observation, etc.

YouTube – Lich King – Speed paint - not a tutorial, but watching the process is instructive


Written tutorials with images – Another one on removing the white from a drawing. This one comes with a prerecorded Action (for photoshop cs4) Forums – full blown tutorial of recent painting (big download) – painting of a building, starting from big blocks of color.

David Revoy - Speedpaints and tutorials in many different programs. Some videos here too.

Color Theory + App. Tutorial by gorachi on deviantART - talks about color, light, brush techniques, etc. Very detailed.

How To Make A Digital Painting by Norke on deviantART - very detailed, goes from rough sketch to completed image. Includes some shortcuts and tips for fixing mistakes along the way.


Other stuff

Parkablog Book Review: Fantasy Workshop: Mastering Digital Painting Techniques – Digital painting book review complete with video flip-through. Warning:  Parka’s art book reviews are awesome and your wallet will be in serious danger once you start reading his site. But your eyes will thank you.

The Art Department store – formerly the Massive Black tutorial section. You have to buy em, but they’re pretty cheap. I have the Jason Chan “quick sketch” one – high quality, definitely worth the price. Reminds me I meant to get more of these!

CGTalk – Digital Painting: Tips and Techniques for Beginners With David René, Matellis, LotekK  - couple of exercises to get you used to tablet drawing




Feel free to add more in the comments, I’m sure there’s tons more great stuff out there I’m missing!

2 thoughts on “digital painting links”

  1. Fuckin awesome! Thanks Chuck. Looks like i’ll be applying textures in a non-douche-like manner when i speed paint my Lich Kings! Seriously, this is a perfect storm of awesomeness for the high-minded (heh) tablet beginner on the go. Or not on the go. Rather, completely stationary to almost worrisome degrees. Anyways, you rule. Thanks for the thoughtful links 😀

  2. “completely stationary to almost worrisome degrees”

    Ahahaha, I feel ya! Glad you liked the links, can’t wait to see the things you make!

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