Things I’ve quit

Things I’ve quit. Pencil, pen, watercolor 10 x 8 inches.

A drawing of a list of things I’ve quit. Started in 2008, I think? Rediscovered and finished in summer of 2011. Re-rediscovered today!

I can definitely tell this is a pre-art school drawing. Oh the things I didn’t know back then about tangencies and focal points and line width variation! Still, I like this. It comes from a time in my life when I was cutting out addictions – coffee, manga buying, World of Warcraft, cigarettes, and more things that I couldn’t draw. A systematic winnowing out of all the things that didn’t serve me, to make more room for the stuff that did. Like drawing!

This was done on heavy Moleskine drawing paper, which doesn’t like watercolor very much. I’m kinda proud of how my WoW characters turned out despite that. (Quillshwammy the troll shammy, Tryptophan the undead rogue engineer, and Ginsei the silver-haired ninja lady – only three of the thirty-some-odd characters I created for that game. Ahh, I still miss them sometimes…)

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