Perspective drawings

I like working with charcoal, but it’s nice getting back to the fine line control of graphite. Although it did smudge something awful on this big toothy charcoal paper.

On to the drawings! Click either to see them larger.

Two point perspective drawing of a corner of my living room. I had the most fun doing the heart-leaf philodendron (not so much the spider plant):

One point perspective drawing of the view out one of my bedroom windows. I’m usually my own worst critic, but I really like this one. Every time I walk by it I think, “Wow, I drew that?!” (Considering the ridiculous amount of time I spent on it, you’d think I’d be less surprised.) It reminds me a little of shin-hanga, which I adore and have always meant to try my hand at. I plan to paint this eventually.

18″ x 24″. HB Graphite pencil, ruler, and lots of erasing.

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