clothed figure drawing 1

All right. This post is gonna be huge, so just… prepare yourself. Maybe go make some tea while the page loads. Ready? Here we go.

week one:

My first foray into timed clothed figure drawings – 5, 10, and 20 minute poses. I think I did each of these about five times before they came out submittably decent, which was still pretty bad in places. Poor boxer guy, having to hobble around on tiny little disproportionate feet! The last one is a friend of mine dressed up as the Tenth Doctor, that was a fun photoshoot.

week two:


Timed drawings getting a little better, but still accuracy is suffering in my mad dash to get everything down. Skipping the hands & faces turned out to be a wise choice, though. (Since I also took the Heads & Hands class this semester, I figured I’d get the practice in elsewhere.)

week three:

Getting a lot more information down now in these timed drawings – though actually I think I may have cheated with some of those 5 minute poses, might be more like 6 or 7. Still, starting to have time in these to mess around with folds more, even if they’re still pretty clunky.

week four:

Kind of a lackluster week, really. And wow, look at the monkey arms on that last one! I redrew that pose about a million times, I remember just not feeling it this week.

week five:

Finally some expressiveness in those timed poses! They’re beginning to get loose while retaining some proportionality. Having a good model always helps too.

week six:

Another fun model for the timed drawings. And starting with this week’s homework we can play the game of spot-the-Bennybatch! Because when you’re in need of pose reference for your interminably long assignment list, hot celebrities are here to help.

week seven:

Larger variety of models this week, focus on the head from different angles. Some more Benedict (not doing him justice, sadly) and a wonky-looking self-portrait. I definitely need more practice on faces.

week eight:

Hands and feet and heads, oh my! I did extra studies this week on my own, just because. Some of my favorite hand drawings of the semester in this batch, I think.

week nine:

I had fun shading those jeans and doing the drapery studies. Folds are still fussier than I’d like, but I’ve definitely gotten better at drawing fast.

week ten:

This was a fun week. The soldier guy was challenging but interesting to draw, trying to represent the thickness of the folds in his coat was tricky. I really like some of the quick linework that came out in those. And the others were just a blast – I borrowed Zoro Roronoa cosplay photos for these, Zoro is one of my One Piece characters.

week eleven:

I like the 10 and 20 minute drawings here. Mr Stomp Yer Face Guy came out well too. Last one is my housemate cursing Skeletor, a common scene around here.

week twelve:

Such stylish models this week! Some of these came out really nice. Colorized the last two foreshortening studies just for fun.

week thirteen:

I listened to a lot of audiobooks & radio dramas while doing homework this semester, it’s funny how looking at these drawings brings it back so vividly. Those bandit guys were done to Neverwhere.

week fourteen:

I remember having a hard time slogging through this week, typical end-of-semester apathy. It was fun posing for that last pirate drawing though!

week fifteen:

And that’s a wrap! Not a particularly strong finish for this class, that Thranduil graphite drawing is a bit overworked. (I liked my loose preliminary sketch better, might dig that out at a later date.) But still, I learned SO MUCH from this class. I draw faster now and I’m far less dependent on construction lines than I used to be. Definitely going to take the practice of timed drawings forward with me.

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